I'm a Web Developer.

I have been creating websites and offering my services professionally since 2010. I have experience in helping people with their web problems and creating quality solutions. If you have any questions or you like what you see, contact me at freelance [at] angelinetran.com


I create a data management tool that imported CSV files. I transformed raw data into an information that could be displayed on a website. I coded this website in Angular 1.
Riley Childrens Hospital - Contact & Locations
I created the this map using BackboneJS and the Google Maps Javascript API.
US Visa Information
I coded this interactive with HTML, CSS and jQuery. This interactive is enhanced with SEO and social tactics using schema.org and Open graph technologies. Fun Fact, This is my first interactive ever!
How to Spot Signs of Foundation Damage
The team decided that we wanted to add some fun to this otherwise simple interactive. We added some fun audio sounds and animated gifs when you hover over a number.
Best Places to Retire
This is a pretty quick interactive I coded to showcase the best places to retire.
US Visa Information
Using a radial plugin that extends jQuery's animation capabilities, I was able to combine jQuery UI's bounce animation with a radial animation to create a fun and realistic animation that the client requested.
Snow Sports
A graphic designer and I created this project in record time. He fancied up some stock images and I was able to use a plugin that I had on hand to whip out this interactive.
Unemployment Guide
I had a lot of fun with this interactive. The graphic designer I worked with had a lot of really cute ideas for interactivity that I ran with.
World Population
This is a quick infographic I coded to show the different proportions of population around the world.
This is a portrait of a man who I created strictly from Photoshop with serveral different pictures of models as my reference.
Skull Sketch
This sketch drawn to study cross-hatching. It was featured in my Photoshop class as one of the best sketches.
Designer Shoes Sketch
This sketch challenged me to be as detailed as possible and was also featured in my class.



  • University: Purdue University
  • Location: West Lafayette, Indiana
  • Date of Graduation: May 2010
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics Technology

Programming Languages

HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, XML, MySql


Sublime Text Editor, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Microsoft Office Suite

Technology Skills

Linux, git Version Control, PHPunit, Selenium IDE, CodeIgniter Framework, WordPress, IP.Board


Web Developer

DigitalRelevance (formerly SlingshotSEO)
April 2013 - Present
  • Creates interactive infographics using HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, TweenJS, etc.), PHP, MySQL
  • Collaborates with graphic designers, writers and editors to create quality products
  • Keeps current with new technogies to enhance products and speedup workflow
  • Juggles multiple projects while sticking to deadlines
  • Assists other departments in coding and consulting on web-based projects including the company‚Äôs WordPress website
  • Designs e-books and infographics using Adobe Illustrator and Indesign

Software Quality Assurance

August 2010 - March 2013
  • Implemented search engine optimization (SEO) practices to social media content to enhance search engine exposure
  • Learned and adapted new technologies to the software quality assurance (SQA) workflow in order to ensure high quality company applications
  • Wrote database query statements to pull reports and to fix data errors

Digital Lab Assistant

Purdue Univeristy - iTAP
January 2008 - May 2010
  • Assisted students and staff with their software questions which included the Windows OS; Microsoft Office Suite; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign; and iMovie.
  • Actively learned new technologies to be assist customers with their wide variety of technical needs.
  • Updated in-house wiki page with tutorials for co-workers to reference when assisting customers with technical issues.

Freelance Web Designer/Developer

Various Organizations
July 2010 - Present
  • Collaborates with clients to produce quality websites.
  • Works quickly with constant communication from clients to get them exactly what they want to fulfill their business goals.
  • Utilizes frameworks and content management systems.